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  • 29-31 October 2019
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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  •   Dubai World Trade Centre

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Show and industry news

Show and industry news

  • Investment opportunities in Saudi aquaculture sector

    23 Mar 2019 Basil M.K. Al-Ghalayini, Chairman and CEO, BMG Financial Group
    Saudi Arabia has a long history in aquaculture since the first shrimp farms were established along the Red Sea coast in the mid-1980s.
  • Seafood one of main drivers in Saudi Arabia food market

    14 Apr 2019 Basil M.K. Al-Ghalayini, Chairman and CEO, BMG Financial Group
    Domestic, regional and international demands for Saudi food products have been increasing year on year, with seafood, dates and halal foods leading the way.
  • UN's Food and Agriculture Organization identifies Africa's pelagic freshwater fish as a potential major source of food security.
  • Asian aquaculture: trends for 2019

    03 Jan 2019 Gregg Yan, Jonah van Beijnen (The Fish Site)
    Aquaculture and environmental consultants Jonah van Beijnen and Gregg Yan outline some of the key developments they expect to take place in the Asian aquaculture sector in the year ahead.
  • Ghana’s fish and seafood imports in 2018 grew to about US$ 311.4 million on account of increasing demand and dwindling fish stocks.
  • Desert salmon farming becomes reality for Dubai-based company

    28 Mar 2019 Sarah Townsend, The National
    Fish Farm will bring home-grown salmon to UAE's supermarkets and restaurants, with positive implications for food security. 
  • Fishermen in Ras Al Khaimah no longer have to travel far to claim their earnings from their catch - these are now delivered right at their doorstep via drones.
  • The Indonesian government plans to increase exports of halal fishery products to Middle Eastern and North African countries (MENA).
  • UAE's Ministry of Climate Change and Environment signs deal to set up the DWC fish farm
  • The ecosystem produces both fuel and food in saltwater
  • GCC forecasts growth in seafood demand

    16 Jan 2019 Hotel News ME
    UAE and Saudi Arabia register largest online search increase for seafood.

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