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Sustainability, canned foods and ‘seacuterie’

Sustainability, canned foods and ‘seacuterie’

On every continent, restaurants and retailers are moving towards sustainable and atypical seafood varieties that minimize food waste and align with the values of modern consumers who are increasingly conscious about the quality and origin of what they eat.

While sustainability matters for many consumers, including millennials, price is still a central consideration for most people who purchase seafood.

“What typically happens in our stores is that consumers will see a seafood variety that’s not as expensive, and because of the price, they’ll ask about it. That’s where our staff can take over, say this fish is really tasty, here’s where it came from and here’s how to prepare it,” notes Daisy Berg, the Seafood Program and Category Manager at New Seasons Market in Portland, Oregon.

Canned food

Jackie Rodriguez of Datassential, a market research firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, has found that consumers are becoming more “adventurous”. Katie Button, a chef at Cúrate in Asheville, North Carolina, says her customers are more open-minded than ever as well, even when it comes to canned seafood.

“Customers are willing to change their preconceived notions about canned foods. That is what makes it fun for chefs to play around with,” Button adds.


As more businesses realize the opportunities that exciting, high-quality seafood cuisine represent in today’s increasingly health conscious market, retailers, chefs and restaurateurs are more willing than ever to explore consumer preferences, canned seafood and many other sales drivers at greater length when SEAFEX convenes at the Dubai World Trade Centre on October 30th.

Tickets to SEAFEX are free if you pre-register for the conference online by the end of this month. Access to co-located events like The Specialty Food Festival, GulfHost and yummex Middle East is included too. 

This article was produced by the content marketing team at NHST Global Publications, an affiliate of IntraFish Media



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